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Bed bugs are living around humans for more than 3,300 years to satiate their appetite for blood. These creepy critters climb on the bed while people are sleeping and enjoy blood feast. Sometimes, humans even can’t feel their bite as their saliva has little anesthesia. The most alarming thing is that bed bugs are becoming more resistant to pesticides and insecticides and emerged as a big problem for Toronto residents. So, the need of the hour is to hire professional and Certified Bed Bugs Control Services that can manage the Bed Bugs Infestation in your home in a professional manner.

Bed Bugs Control Services Awesomepestcontrol Awesomepest

Bed Bug Inspection

First of all, it is necessary to know whether these pests are really present in your home or not. You can do proper and detailed bed bug inspection yourself but their identification is not so easy. The bites of bugs are mistakenly recognized as bites of carpet beetles, mosquitoes, and fleas, therefore; they go unnoticed for a long time that grows their number in your home. So if you are suspected about their presence and have noticed blood stains and rusty spots of bed bug excrement on the bed sheets or clothes, musty odor, their eggshells or shed skins, and eventually red itchy marks on your body then all these are signs of Bed Bug Infestation in your home.

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Bed Bugs Treatment

Infested furniture, clothing, and even your luggage can help them to shift from one place to another. As they are expert climbers so they can travel far. Bed Bugs Treatment is necessary to remove them from home. Here are some techniques which can help you to keep your home free from these bugs.

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General Precautionary Measures

ü  Cleaning and vacuuming of affected areas on daily basis is highly recommended. Additionally, throw away the vacuum bag after sealing it properly.
ü  Bed bugs are expert climbers so never keep your bedding near the wall or above close to the floor.
ü  Garbage and clutter should be regularly removed so bed bugs cannot hide anywhere. If there are some infested items then consider removing and sealing them in plastic bags. 
ü  Seal out all hiding places in the foundation of the home and don’t place your bag and clothing on the bed because if there will be bed bugs in bed then they can move to these things and can travel with you.
ü  Prefer to use metal luggage racks because these pests cannot climb on them. 

Bed Bugs Control Services Awesomepestcontrol Awesomepest

Non-Chemical Controls

There are some non-chemical control techniques that can help in Bed Bugs Removal. These include heating, cooling, and steaming. Secondly, wash your bed sheets and clothes daily and also put them into the dryer on high heat settings so bed bugs inside them die. Thirdly, dispose of heavily infested items immediately so bed bugs cannot move to other places with them.

Bed Bugs Control Services Awesomepestcontrol Awesomepest

Proper monitoring and insecticidal management can also help in treatment but you should prefer to consult with Certified Pest Control Services before applying all the above-mentioned remedies to ensure the safety of your loved ones. AwesomePest Control. is offering trustworthy services in Toronto, Vaughan, Maple, Brampton, and surrounding areas for years with 100% money-back guaranteed results so call to hire their valuable services.